Friday, June 12, 2009

Horseback Riding

Marshall and I went to our Bishop's house to ride his horses. He lives close to Payson and right up to the mountains. He took us on about a 3 mile, 1.5 hour ride through some steep stuff. It was crazy but beautiful. I have grown up going to rides but this was Marshall's second time (if you count the ride we went on in Mexico). Our Bishop was so nice and fed us dinner afterward as well. Needless to say, we couldn't move very well for the next few days.

Trip to Washington

My amazing husband surprised me with tickets to go to Washington to visit Nikki and Derek. It was amazing. We were able to see their cute apartment and best of all just visit. The first thing we did was hang around Seattle and see Pikes Market. Everyone ate some nice seafood but me (I had chicken). It was an experience to ride the ferry back to Silverdale. That night we were able to meet Winston, their dog. What a cute guy he is. We went to this pretty park that had a nice trail through it and took Winston on a nice walk the next morning. That afternoon we were also able to go kayaking on the Puget Sound. That was awesome and we saw some seals swimming and got to see some cool boats and nice houses along the water. That was our first experience in a kayak. I think we did well. We went to this amazing crepe place for lunch. Marshall loved it! The next day we drove out to Yelm to visit Marshall's sister and her family. It was a beautiful ride and a nice little town. It was great to see them. That night we met back up with Nikki and Derek and went to a Mariners game. That was fun. Too bad they lost. We were able to go to church with Nikki and Dere and then we were off to Utah. It was a great trip. It is so fun to get to spend time with great friends and family!! We miss you guys!