Friday, March 19, 2010

Our Visitors

Well I can't figure our how to move this stupid picture so it is out of order. I really need some more instruction on how to blog properly. Anyway, this is Kylee and I petting the goats at the petting zoo.

My Cousin Courtney, her husband Quinton and daughter Kylee came to visit us for a few days. We had so much fun and really enjoyed the company. Courtney and I got to spend some time together and go to a chick flick, Dear John. I know Marshall appreciated that, but I had a great time having a little girls night. We also got to go to the zoo, swimming, a duck pond. Marshall and I got to babysit Kylee while Courtney and Quinton went to a Suns game. They also got to experience In N Out and I think that was a good experience for them.

My cousin and I. Isn't her little belly cute? Expecting number 2 in September.

Kylee is ready to see all the animals

The Phoenix Zoo was actually a pretty good zoo. They had lots of different animals and a Lot of things to do. I was impressed.

Thank you Courtney and Quinton for coming to visit us. You are missed. Anyone else who wants to come visit is more than welcome! We have a room waiting for you.