Friday, September 25, 2009

The busy month of September

Well, this month has just been crazy. Lately, I have been working like crazy. I have worked over 40 hours this week and that will continue for a few more weeks. I haven't worked 40 hours a week for a LONG time and this is exhausting. It really has been a blessing though and I am grateful for my job.

Marshall and I have been looking at houses the last month or so as well. That has been a fun yet stressful experience. We have looked at many homes and have gone back and forth on what we want. We finally found one we like and have put an offer on the home. Now we are in the process of really checking everything out and making sure it is what we want. We are both very excited and very nervous about the whole process but really feel like it is the way to go.

Marshall has been kicking butt in school but that is no surprise. He really is loving it and gets so excited when he learns new things. Now I get to hear him explain everything in medical terms. For example, we were eating dinner the other night and he just had to explain all the different things that were going on with my food. I don't even know what he was describing. I told him then, I just realized I married a big nerd. haha He responded, "you didn't marry no dummy."

Anyway, life is great in the big AZ and when we get into a house, we are ready for any and all visitors!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Dodger Game!!

Marshall finally got to go to a Dodger game this year. He has been waiting until we moved here to go. We woke up on Labor Day and Marshall saw that there was a game so we bought tickets and went. It was actually pretty cool. It was the first time I had ever been to a baseball game on an indoor field. It was crazy hot in Phoenix but very comfortable in the stadium. Thank goodness for air conditioning!! We also got some pretty nice seats for cheap. We were sitting 8 rows up on the third base line. Good news too. The Dodgers won!